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Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with PurePlus Technology 0W40 – Case 6/1 Qt


Pennzoil’s Ultra Platinum motor oil with PurePlus Technology is designed to deliver complete protection without compromise. This uniquely formulated Pennzoil motor oil utilizes Pennzoil’s patented, revolutionary gas-to-liquid process, which converts natural gas to extremely high-quality full synthetic motor oil with performance-enhanced cleansing agents. It keeps pistons cleaner and can also help keep your engine closer to factory-clean, as compared to other leading motor oil brands on the market.

Benefits of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum motor oil include:

* Cleaner pistons: keeps pistons up to 65 percent cleaner than the toughest industry leader
* Better fuel economy, so you can drive on average an extra 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine
* Horsepower protection to protect engines from loss of power
* Unsurpassed wear protection from friction
* Excellent performance in extreme temperatures (provides faster low-temperature oil flow and protects in extreme heat
* Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with PurePlus Technology is also created for severe driving conditions: stop-and-go, frequent short trips, heavy loads, unpaved roads, and dusty conditions

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