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Pennzoil 10W40


PENNZOIL® MULTIGRADE MOTOR OIL with PureBase® delivers better engine protection than is required by new engine designs and operating conditions. PENNZOIL® MULTIGRADE MOTOR OIL with PureBase® base oil provides extraordinary engine protection under all driving conditions and is specially formulated to provide extra protection against the harmful effects of stop-and-go driving. In all grades, PENNZOIL® MULTIGRADE MOTOR OIL exceeds performance standards required by the industry.

PureBase® Pennzoil’s innovative technology base oil, is virtually free of the contaminants normally found in conventional base oils. As a result, Pennzoil’s renowned additive system, Z-7® is more effective than ever in providing the additional protection required by modern engines. Pennzoil is engineered to exceed the demands of today’s high-performance engines that operate under severe conditions such as urban stop-and-go driving. Specifically, PENNZOIL® MULTIGRADE MOTOR OIL provides extra protecting against harmful deposits and wear caused by both high and low temperature engine operation.

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