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Eastman Turbo Oil 2389 – 24/1 Qt


The superior low temperature turbine oil.


BP Turbo Oil 2389 is a synthetic lubricant having a viscosity of approximately 3 cSt at 212ºF. This oil is approved against US military specification MIL-PRF-7808L grade 3 and incorporates a level of technology from Type II ( 5 cSt ) commercial turbine lubricants.

Application & OEM Approvals

This lubricant combines the thermal and oxidation stability of our commercial 5 cSt synthetic oil (BPTO 2380) with the ability to flow at extremely low environmental temperature. In addition, it has gear-carrying ability equal to or better than other approved MIL-PRF-7808L Grade 3 oils. BPTO2389 thus affords the military operator the lower viscosity advantage of MIL-PRF-7808L Grade 3 oils while providing the higher quality advantages of the Type II commercial oils, especially with respect to better thermal and oxidation stability. BPTO 2389 has been approved by a wide range of engine and accessory manufacturers for their applicable equipment, including: Rolls Royce Ltd, Rolls Royce/Allison, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, CFMI, MTU, Solar and Turbomeca, etc.

Features & Benefits

A major advantage of BPTO2389 is its ability to limit the vapor phase deposits, BPTO 2389 provides load carrying ability well in excess of requirements established by the engine and accessory manufacturers. The superior low temperature viscosity of BPTO 2389 makes it a better product for low temperature application. Many APU operators prefer to use 3 cSt oil (such as BPTO 2389) for lubrication in order to improve its cold start reliability.

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