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Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560 – Case 24/1 Qt


AEROSHELL TURBINE OIL 560 is a new third generation “low coking” 5 centistoke synthetic lubricating oil designed specifically for gas turbine engines. This oil is blended from high quality “hindered” esters to produce the exceptional thermal stability needed in todays advanced engines. It incorporates advanced additive technology and a fine balance of additives to resist the high temperatures generated by turbine engines. These carefully selected components result in a product which greatly reduces the deposits caused by high temperature conditions and improves overall engine performance.

Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560 offers significant performance benefits when compared to Type II fluids in high temperature bearing applications and under Ryder gear test conditions. Improved performance over previous approved Type II oils can be measured by cleaner engines and reduced scuffing in both bench tests and in operating engines.


Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560 is recommended for lubricant service in various types of aviation equipment. Especially in newer jet aircraft turbine engines, helicopter engines, and helicopter gear boxes where a synthetic oil like Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560 is approved by the manufacturer.

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